Thursday, August 23, 2012


My blog was hijacked!

After a long silence I went to check this blog of mine only to find that it has been hijacked! I was lucky there are lots of people with the same problem and posted the solution online. Thanks people whoever you are.

After pressing the DELETE button, my blog is clean from those pesky HTML codes that redirects this page to somewhere else. Kotoh.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Surprise for the day...

Yesterday, Momoi who is a picky eater suddenly ask for spinach dish (lots of them) during dinner - She must be impressed with MIL cooking. After dinner, she volunteered to wash the dishes??? Hmm.. MIL said the spinach must have given her extra energy to do the work - like Popeye. Hope she'll help with the dishes again tonight... hehe so that I have one less job to do at home.

Oh my the kids are growing up fast... soon I hope I'll have many helpers at home.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dream World Day 2

Today is my day 2 here. The place is windy and cold. The water heater turns cold after 3 minutes. Weather has been very good - sunny and the view of Mount Kinabalu is very clear. Tomorrow is our last day, hopefully the other groups finish presentation early and the weather is as good as today.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dream World

At first I was sceptical to travel this far at 24wks. But thank God the road travel was OK. So here I am at Dream World Kundasang till the weekend. Hopefully if all is well be back home by Friday night. Muahhh... kisses for the kids at home.
Tonight MIL & FIL will be taking care of the little kids as Darling Hubs is also having his exam. Thanks mom & dad!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Proud of you my son!

Congratulations Joshua for showing great improvement in your final exam and placing yourself 9th in the class and in the whole primary 2 batch! Mama and Papa feel proud of your achievment. Keep up the good work son!
Thanks to Papa to for guiding Joshua a day before his BM paper.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Happy Birthday to our lil' Tigger Noah James. It's been a Tigger-ific year and can't believe my cub is now one year! So here's a Tigger cake for you to celebrate with your teachers in the Nursery.

Thanks Mandy for the cute hand-drawn Tigger!

Here's Noah showing he can hold the standing position for a few "clicks".
Today also marks a full 1 year breastfeeding journey with Noah (the longest I ever had).
So, Noah when you grow up you should belanja Mama for letting you breastfeed this long.
Dear Son, enjoy your day today cos' tomorrow you will see the Doctor for your injection.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Momoi: Uaua, cantik kan tu hotel kita pigi tadi?

Uaua: Momoi, tadi kita pigi airport laa... bukan hotel.

I can't help but put a big grin on my face. Oh my dear Momoi - sorry you were not properly introduced to the place called airport. I must admit the KKIA airport looks nice and when we were at the MAS ticketing office she must have felt as though she's at the hotel lobby. I wasn't impressed by the service though - I don't think they handled my frustration on their lousy internet service very well.

Now I just love flying using firefly - too bad they only have limited flights to KL in a day. Hope they'll add some more flights soon.